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We will take care of the logistics

The Amix Group company was founded in 2009, bringing together people with advanced logistics experience in the field of rail (container and wagon), road and sea transportation. The main idea when creating the organization was the introduction of Western experience in assessing the quality of internal business processes and their approximation to international standards.

The logistics services market in Russia is changing rapidly, and the knowledge that brought results two years ago is no longer working today. In our work, we try to meet the demands of the modern market as much as possible, for this we use both our own automobile and container fleet, and the attracted one.

We work around the clock and seven days a week
  • The fleet of our own container ships and containers guarantee timely delivery for loading;
  • Clear transit times and guarantees that containers will get on the nearest train;
  • Software monitoring.
Only high quality service
  • Transit dates;
  • Daily monitoring of container movement at each stage of shipment;
  • Guaranteed delivery times on fast trains:
    • Novosibirsk - 15 days;
    • Khabarovsk - 18 days;
    • Vladivostok - 20 days.
  • Control of the processing time (1-3 days) and the speed of containers leaving the cities of departure;
  • Software monitoring;
  • Special conditions for processing at departure stations.
  • Priority decreditation and removal of containers that arrived as part of fast trains;
  • Financial incentives for pickup agents; payment based on the work performed;
  • Timely return of primary documents in containers is provided by express mail.

Our company uses special containers with increased capacity - 40HCPW - Pallet wide. This type of container allows you to achieve increased capacity for cargo, which significantly reduces logistics costs


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